Which swimsuit panties to choose according to your morphology?

It’s crazy, more and more brands have understood that women do not necessarily have the same size at the top and bottom of the body. Thanks to the separable swimsuits which allow you to find the panties adapted to your shapes. Our advice to find the best model for your belly, buttocks or hips. Also read : Best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge.

BEST swimsuit panties For your Body Type?

Hide this ass that I couldn’t see. It is this style of negative thinking that leads generous buttocks to hide in too much covering and dark high and wide bikini bottoms that will cover it all up. Error, we thus create a dark mass which will unbalance and weigh down the silhouette.  

You have buttocks

Better to opt for slightly low or mid- rise panties whose indentation will cover only 3/4 of the buttock to lengthen and energize the leg.  

And why not deceive the enemy with some little flying fun ? Moreover, the round and toned hindquarters can go towards a triangle to be tied on the sides.  


In any case, be demanding on the quality: go for a polyamide that is both flexible and thick that stays in place even after a few swimming. Move around in the dressing room, raise your knees, squat … If the panties do not slip between the buttocks, that’s a good point. Also beware of elasticated borders which tighten too much and will create unnecessary bulges. 

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Your saddlebags are annoying you

Would you like to see the cellulite lodged on your hips and upper thighs disappear? Do you think a high- sided shorty will wrap around that area that bothers you? You are right but here too, remember that it is not by covering that you are hiding. On the contrary. A wrap-around bikini bottom will make your legs bigger and shorter.  

Paradoxically, we hide better by discovering ourselves. We lighten up by revealing. It is therefore better to swap the knee-high panties that fit for a waist that is not too high and a little indented. Especially if your size is not marked.  

Adapt the cutout to the height of the side of the panties: not too much, we are far from the Brazilian bikini that escapes beyond the hips.  

On the other hand, if you have a slim waist, play with one of these delicious high and sheathing pin-up swimsuits.  

And of course, always beware of the sinewy elastic that cuts the stomach and buttocks: prefer flat edges. If this is your style, bet on a panty that will erase your hips during the swim.  

You want to hide your belly

Following a pregnancy and health problems, Marianne, 39, gained weight: “ I decided to assume my curves rather than hide behind yet another black jersey. The catch is that I often feel like I have a choice between the not modern granny panties and the too light and small bikini bottom in which I don’t feel comfortable. I finally found high waisted shaping panties that hide the little tummy. With my curves, I do not assume the patterns but I dare the same gaudy colors such as red or ocean blue … I like the Miraclesuit and Empreinte models. And at Pain de Sucre, I found coral panties with a belt band that can be adapted in width. ‘ 

Marianne has it all: to calm a plump belly or to hide stretch marks, the high waist, which may be shaping or folded over the hips, in a sporty or retro pin-up style, is perfect.  

Also good: the panties draped on the front. If you want colors , do not deprive yourself of it. Why are you frustrated? On the contrary, bright colors – good for morale – can help you clear your complexes. 

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Your flat buttocks annoy you

The knee-high panties are the enemy of the raplapla buttocks. Avoid it and have fun with other games. Give the illusion of a bounce with a sporty low waist shorty that will energize the look. And know that the fantasy register has its place here: gathers on the buttocks, ruffles on the sides and on the back of the panties will bring relief and volume.  

What Aurélie, 38, understood: ” I have a big chest and little butt. I am one of the girls who like to parade on the beach. For me, the jersey is a garment. I force the line with frilly panties that make me a pin-up behind and I reserve the technical swimsuits at the pool. ”  

If you are petite or with a youthful silhouette, do not be afraid of the mini briefs with spicy shades, or the Brazilian triangle enhanced with prints and bright colors: these small pieces of fabric will immediately feminize the look.  

And of course, be extremely vigilant about the material: unless you stay at the water’s edge, avoid the 100% cotton which may relax when wet and reveal more your lack of form. Instead, rely on a blend of polyamide and elastane. And smile in the sun. 

Megamalai Tourist Places & Resorts 2020

Megamalai is one of the top tourist destination in Tamilnadu and Megamalai tourism is gaining traction post pandemic due to the government easing down the restrictions by lifting away the lockdown. There are several tourist places in megamalai that can be explored by walk and mountain bike.

megamalai tourist places

Megamalai Tourist Places 2020 :

If you are planning to visit Megamalai for the first time then you can spend a complete day in exploring the forests and dense trees inside the permitted areas.

Thankfully there is no much crowd in Megamalai uptill now because of the poorly accessible thar roads and muddy roads. But now, due to many youtubers and vloggers the place is quickly catching up with the touristy competition.

There are few places in megamalai to visit such as Highwavys dam, Suruli waterfalls, Manalaru & tea plantations.

Other than this, there is a big lake in Megamalai but boating facilities are not available.

Megamalai Guest House Contact Number

If you are planning to rest in Megamalai with the panoramic view of the hill station then head towards any resorts other than the Megamalai Guest house.

We could provide other contact numbers fo the resorts around Megamalai on our whatsapp.

FAQ’s on Megamalai Tourist Places 2020:

How to reach Megamalai?

Car and off road bikes are preferred.

Best season to go Megamalai?

Post monsoon.

How safe is Megamalai?

Megamalai tourism made the place safer.

Staying options in Megamalai?

Govt guest house & private resorts available.

Memorable Gifts for Parents

Do you want to give a gift to the parents who had lost their kid recently? and you are a bit confused about how to choose the gift? I made a list of ideas to help you!

Need to give a gift for parents? Come and give me all the ideas!

Gift ideas for parents who lost their Kid

If you arrived at this matter it is because you are in doubt about what to give as a gift to parent , right? Okay, buddy, I’m here to help you.

I did a survey of more than 50 parents and from there I created this list with 15 gift ideas that every parent will love to receive.

In addition, to help in your saga, I have separated some options that I indicate and where you can buy each thing online. Just click and buy. You’re welcome!

First let's go to the basics: the complements! 

That’s because the perfect gift for parents is a combo, a main item accompanied by at least one of the items below.

Flowers, Chocolates and Dinner

We LOVE romanticism. So receiving just a material gift can sometimes seem like something without sentimentality – but it is OBVIOUS that we want that gift. So, to complement the perfect gift with an extra dose of love, invest in flowers, chocolates and an experience, like dinner!

Understood that, let’s go to my search results in order of interest? Below are the gifts that parent most love to receive!

Tip: Everyone has their peculiarities. This list is a general one based on a survey, these are things that most have suggested. Many people may love a different gift, so pay attention to what it says, parent talk a lot about what they like and need!


The most voted item in my research, a jewel is the perfect gift for parents. Each jewel has a meaning, so be careful!

The most voted item in my research – also the most romantic and long lasting of all, a jewel is the perfect gift for a parent – especially if it is your girlfriend, bride or wife. A jewel is a gift for life, that’s why it is so valued. Each jewel has a meaning, so be careful!

A super reliable place to buy jewelry for life online with warranty is at VIVARA
You can also find beautiful gold or silver pieces on Pandora .


A ring is the most romantic item possible! But we must pay attention, as it is a strong symbol of commitment . If you are already engaged or married this will not be a problem, it will be an incredible gift! If you are boyfriends, you can give the impression that you are placing an order , so if not, I suggest you choose a very different model of an engagement ring, like the ones I separated below! These below are incredible jewels, super modern, to use in everyday life. Perfect gifts!


Another gift for a woman who has no mistake and is super romantic is a necklace ! You can buy with confidence that it will work.


There is a model of bracelet that is fever among women. Do you know that she can add icicles? Both Vivara and Pandora have this type of bracelet. Her idea is to accumulate trinkets, or pendants, that have meaning for the person, symbolize phases or items in her life. It’s super cool!

Have you noticed if she has one of these? If so, a great idea is to give a Pandora charm or Vivara pendant ! Whoever has these bracelets loves to complement! If she doesn’t have it, here’s a tip for a really cool gift: buy the base bracelet , it’s impossible not to get it right. The cool thing is that in the next dates, you can even give the pendants yourself!

Do check recommended collection of gifts for parents who have lost a child.

Pandora Charms Bracelet


A watch is a gift and there is no one who does not love to win one! Tip: this tone of rose gold is with everything, it is beautiful and elegant 🙂


Yes, we are only on the second item on this list that will save your lives. The second most voted item in the survey I did to discover women ‘s favorite gifts is perfume! It is not difficult to find the right perfume. I separated below the best-selling imported perfumes, the best in the world! I’ve tasted almost everyone and recommend it. But first, I will tell you what are my top 3 favorite perfumes, which I love so much that I feel like taking a shower, who knows help in your choice: Posion Girl , Power Bomb , Hypnotic Poison .

A great place to buy perfumes for cheaper prices than in stores is Sephora !


I confess that I was surprised with this item, because I think it is super hard to get it right! The third gift that parent love most is shoe ! But of course if you know how to investigate well, you get it right! Within that there is a great variety between heels, sneakers, flat shoes … then you need to know your love to choose the right one! Not to mention the number, right?

A great place to buy shoes online is at OQVestir, because it has everything and the best brands.

Now, isn’t she a person wearing high heels? So think about tennis! It is much easier to get that gift right.

Do you want to know a gift that I won and loved? A Vans sneaker 🙂
It could be a Nike sports shoe too!


Makeup is an item that women love – even better to get as a gift! It must be difficult for a guy to choose a gift like this, so I made a selection to help you:


Amoooo! Purse is a gift that has no mistake, go in faith!


It is easy to get this right with good sunglasses. My tip is: invest in the most basic models, which everyone loves! A great place to buy sunglasses online is at Sunglass Hut.

Creams and Cosmetics

In my opinion, this item should come right after the perfumes. Moisturizing creams were also highly rated, as well as aromatic candles and perfumed products. And when it comes to this, an infallible gift tip that every woman will love, is to choose a kit from this Loccitane gift menu here. I swear: there is no way to not love – and it has several different prices.


Some of the gifts I loved the most are electronic! The JBL headphone was certainly one that I use the most. There was also the camera that takes instant photos, the Instax Mini . Besides being really cool, it’s a great ornament 🙂

Oh, not to mention the Kindle , which I will list better later.


A gift that you can give to her and to you together: A JOURNEY!

Click here on Decolar , find the cheapest flight to the place you dream of and buy tickets. You can also book the hotel . Now just let her know, you’ve taken care of everything! I was going to love this gift! (are you reading this, love? here’s the tip)

Oh, and I got a discount on Hotéis.com ! Just click here and use the VIAJA5 coupon and get 5% discount 🙂


If she likes to read, a good book can be a great gift – even more so if you’ve read and recommended it. But, as this can often be a difficult task, another great idea is a KINDLE! This is the most sustainable and practical way to read books – the KINDLE screen has a built-in light that does not harm the eyes and you can still buy any book in the world at much cheaper prices. It’s too much!


You know that cute gift from Imaginarium? It is always welcome!


It’s so good to get that beautiful outfit you never thought you would have bought!

Bonus: Experiences

As I mentioned at the beginning about complements, experiences are very remarkable. A special dinner, a trip, a walk … Think about it!
what to give to a parent.

Based on our recommendation, It easier to choose the perfect gift for parents who had lost kid. Hope this helps!

JNTUH 2-1(R13,R09,R07,R05) & 2-2 Regular/Supply Results 2014

Jntu Hyderabad University Conducted the JNTUH 2-1 R13 Regular/Supply Exams in the Month of December 2014 and As Well As Jntu Hyderabad Conducted the JNTUH 2-2(R09,R07,R05) Supplementary Exams in the month December only. Already JNTUH Released the 4-1, 3-1 & 3-2 Both regular and Supplementary Results in the gap one week. So we can Expect the JNTUH 2-1(R13,R09,R07,R05) & 2-2 Regular/Supply Results in a week. Study well and get good marks also prepare for CAT 2016. We’ve provided the complete information about CAT 2016 Notifications, Cat Syllabus, AMCAT Syllabus in our official website. Mostly Probably as per our sources. We can expect the results in this week i.e February 3rd week 2015. Both regular and Supply Results will release as soon as possible. Due to some issues results are not yet declared. According to latest info from regarding sources Most Probably results may release in this week (3rd Week) (February). 2-2 Supply Elevation Status of Completed subjects: In Spell 1 : Evaluation for the below mentioned subjects done 1. Probability & Statistics 2. Power System 1 3. Pulse & Digital Circuits 4. Computer Organizations 5. Production Technology 6. Mining Geology 7. Aerodynamics 1 In Spell 2 : Evaluation for the below mentioned subjects done 1. Building Materials, Construction & Planning 2. Managerial Eco.&fin. Analysis 3. Kinematics Of Machinery 4. Electronic Circuits Analysis 5. Object Oriented Programming 6. Mechanics Of Solids 7. Aircraft Production Technology In Spell 3: Evaluation for the below mentioned subjects done 1. Database Management System 2. Electrical & Electronics Engineering 3. Numerical Methods 4. Switching Theory & Logic Design 5. Strength Of Materials II In Spell 4 : Evaluation for the below mentioned subjects done 1. Applied Thermodynamics I 2. Electrical Machines II 3. Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines 4. Formal Languages & Automata Theory 5. Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines 6. Principles Of Programming Languages 7. Aerospace Vehicle Structures I In Spell 5 : Evaluation for the below mentioned subjects done 1. Environmental Studies 2. Introduction To Space Technology 3. Principles Of Electrical Engineering 4. Network Theory 5. Mechanics Of Fluids And Hydraulic Machines In Spell 6 : Evaluation for the below mentioned subjects done 1. Control Systems 2. Desgin And Analysis Of Algorithm 3. Electronic Circuits 4. Flight Mechanics I 5. Machine Drawing 6. Structural Analysis I 7. Mechanics Of Fluids And Hydraulic Machines 8. Environmental Studies In Spell 7: Evaluation for the below mentioned subjects 1. Machine Drawing 2. Structural Analysis-I

JNTU-H (JNTU Hyderabad) 2-1,2-2 R09,R07,R05 Regular and Supply Results Released Soon.

We can Expect Results of jntuh 2-1,2-2 results will declare by February 3rd week. This is our expectation only. Its not regarding any Official Info. Incoming Search Terms: Jntu Hyderabad 2-1 r13 Regular Results Jntuh 2-1 r13 Results Jntuh 2-1 results Jntuh 2-2 supply results jntuh 2-1 supply results jntu hyderabad 2-1 results jntu hyderabad 2-2 results

IRCTC Login,Registration Book Tickets Online | www.irctc.co.in

Have to a Book a Train Ticket In advance without standing in a long queue and tired to hear the word “Its Over”, then you will need this, Yes, you can a book a ticket for a particular train route and reserve your Seat/berth in a particular Comportment that You want travel without any hurdles, I think your search ends here, Yeah, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited  shortly IRCTC login, is a Indian Government Enterprises helps the people of India to Book a ticket For a travel in train in advance. And It helps us to check our PNR status and any Queries , Book a ticket as tatkal and many more.

IRCTC Login , SignUp |irctc.co.in Login, SignUp :

In IRCTC , to book a ticket you have to logged in the official website *www.irctc.co.in* by entering your authenticated User Name and Pass word and Captcha to ensure that you are not a Robot. If you Doesn’t have a account , don’t hesitate just click the SignUp Link that is placed below the login dialog. To SignUp you have to give some information about you and enter credentials to secure transaction and book a ticket.

IRCTC Book a Ticket , Steps To Book a Ticket :

  • Go to the Website IRCTC Login
  • Then You will prompted to the LogIn page and enter Your Personal credentials to Logging In
  • If you Doesn’t have an account Click on SignUp to Create Account.
  • After Logged In , It Will ask the Starting Station and Destination and Date to Check available trains.
  • Select a Particular Train and You can see the seat available in the train on travelling date
  • You can also see various Classes availability and fare
  • Select the class where you want to travel and Click Next .
  • And this Payment Session ,You have to pay the ticket fare by Debit card,Credit Card, Net Banking .
  • After Successful Transaction a Acknowledge will be send ToYour registered Mobile Number and E-mail ID whether the Ticket is Confirmed or In a Waiting State

IRCTC Book a Ticket by a Smart Phone :

  • Go to this official Google Play Store LINK and Download the App.
  • After Installing the Application , Login With Your User Name And Pass Word
  • And Follow the Same Steps Given above .

If You any Doubts about How to login and Signup Or how to book a ticket , Please Comment Us , It will help us resolve. If this article has been helpful to you please do Like and Share with your friends.

New Zealand (Kiwis) Cricket Team World Cup 2015- Full Squad

New Zealand Cricket World Cup 2015 Squad:

The team is lead by Brendon McCullum who is the current captain in all three forms of the international game.He plays for the Otago Volts at provincial level, he played for Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League, having also spent one year with Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

Few More Details about Squad:

Check here: Link 1 | | Link 2

McCullum was a wicket-keeper until 2013, and is an aggressive batsman who opens in One-day Internationals and is known for his fast scoring rate. He currently plays for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

His brother Nathan McCullum is also a first-class and international cricketer and A right hand lower-order batsman and right arm off break bowler.

Anderson made his debut for New Zealand in a One Day International held on 16 June 2013 against England.
On January 1, 2014, Corey Anderson shot to fame by becoming the cricketer to score the fastest century in the history of One Day International cricket or any other format of international cricket. Playing against West Indies, he scored his ton in just 36 balls breaking Shahid Afridi’s record of 37 deliveries in 1996 against Sri Lanka.

Anderson finished the innings unbeaten on 131 in 47 balls hitting 14 sixes and 6 fours. The record was broken on 18th January 2015 by AB de Villiers, who scored the fastest ODI century against the West Indies in Johannesburg from just 31 deliveries.Trent Boult is a left–arm medium–fast opening bowler and a right–handed batsman.On 9 February 2007,

Boult took two wickets for 28 runs and scored seven not out against India’s Under–19 team. Boult was clocked as the fastest bowler touring with the New Zealand team with a highest speed of 143.3 km/h (89.0 mph).

Boult made his Test debut in the 2011–12 season, in the Second Test against Australia in Hobart, a match won by New Zealand by 7 runs, New Zealand’s first test win in Australia since 1985 and their first test win over Australia since 1993. He took four wickets in the match; additionally, he scored 21 runs in a tenth-wicket partnership with Chris Martin in the second innings.

Luke Ronchi is a professional cricketer currently contracted to Wellington in New Zealand domestic cricket, having played international cricket for both the Australian and New Zealand national cricket teams.

Ronchi was called up to the Australian team in June 2008 during their tour of the West Indies when Haddin was unable to play after breaking his finger.

Elliott and Luke Ronchi both broke several batting records as the pair lifted New Zealand from 93/5 to a commanding 360 off their 50 overs. Their stand of 267* is the highest 6th wicket partnership in ODIs.

Martin Guptill is a top-order batsman and has represented New Zealand in different age groups.He made his One Day International debut for New Zealand on 10 January 2009 against the West Indies in Auckland, becoming the first New Zealander to score a century on his one-day debut. He reached the landmark with a huge six off the bowling of Chris Gayle.

Tim Southee is a right-arm fast-medium bowler and hard-hitting lower order batsman. He was one of New Zealand’s youngest cricketers, debuting at 19 years old in February 2008.

Ross Taylor is a New Zealand cricketer and former national captain. He previously captained the New Zealand Under-19 side in youth internationals. Taylor has a highest List A score of 132* in the State Shield domestic one-day .Daniel Vettori, ONZM (born 27 January 1979) is the eighth player in Test history to take 300 wickets and score 3,000 runs. He is the youngest player to have represented New Zealand in Test cricket, having made his debut in 1996–97 at the age of 18, and New Zealand’s most-capped test cricketer with 112 caps, and New Zealand’s most capped One-Day cricketer with 284 caps.

Vettori is a bowling all-rounder who bowls slow left-arm orthodox spin; he is known for his accuracy, flight and guile rather than prodigious turn.

Full Details:

Brendon McCullum
Age: 33 years 103 days
Playing role: Wicketkeeper batsman
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm medium

Corey Anderson
Age: 24 years 26 days
Batting: Left-hand bat
Bowling: Left-arm medium-fast

Trent Boult
Age: 25 years 170 days
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Left-arm fast-medium

Grant Elliott
Age: 35 years 293 days
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm medium

Martin Guptill
Age: 28 years 100 days
Playing role: Top-order batsman
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm offbreak

Tom Latham
Age: 22 years 281 days
Batting: Left-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm medium

Mitchell McClenaghan
Age: 28 years 211 days
Batting: Left-hand bat
Bowling: Left-arm medium-fast

Nathan McCullum
Age: 34 years 129 days
Playing role: Bowler
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm offbreak

Kyle Mills
Age: 35 years 299 days
Playing role: Bowler
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm fast-medium

Adam Milne
Age: 22 years 270 days
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm fast

Luke Ronchi
Age: 33 years 260 days
Playing role: Wicketkeeper batsman
Batting: Right-hand bat

Tim Southee
Age: 26 years 28 days
Playing role: Bowler
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm medium-fast

Ross Taylor
Age: 30 years 306 days
Playing role: Middle-order batsman
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm offbreak

Daniel Vettori
Age: 35 years 346 days
Playing role: Allrounder
Batting: Left-hand bat
Bowling: Slow left-arm orthodox

Kane Williamson
Age: 24 years 153 days
Playing role: Middle-order batsman
Batting: Right-hand bat
Bowling: Right-arm offbreak