Which swimsuit panties to choose according to your morphology?

It’s crazy, more and more brands have understood that women do not necessarily have the same size at the top and bottom of the body. Thanks to the separable swimsuits which allow you to find the panties adapted to your shapes. Our advice to find the best model for your belly, buttocks or hips. Also read : Best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge.

BEST swimsuit panties For your Body Type?

Hide this ass that I couldn’t see. It is this style of negative thinking that leads generous buttocks to hide in too much covering and dark high and wide bikini bottoms that will cover it all up. Error, we thus create a dark mass which will unbalance and weigh down the silhouette.  

You have buttocks

Better to opt for slightly low or mid- rise panties whose indentation will cover only 3/4 of the buttock to lengthen and energize the leg.  

And why not deceive the enemy with some little flying fun ? Moreover, the round and toned hindquarters can go towards a triangle to be tied on the sides.  


In any case, be demanding on the quality: go for a polyamide that is both flexible and thick that stays in place even after a few swimming. Move around in the dressing room, raise your knees, squat … If the panties do not slip between the buttocks, that’s a good point. Also beware of elasticated borders which tighten too much and will create unnecessary bulges. 

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Your saddlebags are annoying you

Would you like to see the cellulite lodged on your hips and upper thighs disappear? Do you think a high- sided shorty will wrap around that area that bothers you? You are right but here too, remember that it is not by covering that you are hiding. On the contrary. A wrap-around bikini bottom will make your legs bigger and shorter.  

Paradoxically, we hide better by discovering ourselves. We lighten up by revealing. It is therefore better to swap the knee-high panties that fit for a waist that is not too high and a little indented. Especially if your size is not marked.  

Adapt the cutout to the height of the side of the panties: not too much, we are far from the Brazilian bikini that escapes beyond the hips.  

On the other hand, if you have a slim waist, play with one of these delicious high and sheathing pin-up swimsuits.  

And of course, always beware of the sinewy elastic that cuts the stomach and buttocks: prefer flat edges. If this is your style, bet on a panty that will erase your hips during the swim.  

You want to hide your belly

Following a pregnancy and health problems, Marianne, 39, gained weight: “ I decided to assume my curves rather than hide behind yet another black jersey. The catch is that I often feel like I have a choice between the not modern granny panties and the too light and small bikini bottom in which I don’t feel comfortable. I finally found high waisted shaping panties that hide the little tummy. With my curves, I do not assume the patterns but I dare the same gaudy colors such as red or ocean blue … I like the Miraclesuit and Empreinte models. And at Pain de Sucre, I found coral panties with a belt band that can be adapted in width. ‘ 

Marianne has it all: to calm a plump belly or to hide stretch marks, the high waist, which may be shaping or folded over the hips, in a sporty or retro pin-up style, is perfect.  

Also good: the panties draped on the front. If you want colors , do not deprive yourself of it. Why are you frustrated? On the contrary, bright colors – good for morale – can help you clear your complexes. 

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Your flat buttocks annoy you

The knee-high panties are the enemy of the raplapla buttocks. Avoid it and have fun with other games. Give the illusion of a bounce with a sporty low waist shorty that will energize the look. And know that the fantasy register has its place here: gathers on the buttocks, ruffles on the sides and on the back of the panties will bring relief and volume.  

What Aurélie, 38, understood: ” I have a big chest and little butt. I am one of the girls who like to parade on the beach. For me, the jersey is a garment. I force the line with frilly panties that make me a pin-up behind and I reserve the technical swimsuits at the pool. ”  

If you are petite or with a youthful silhouette, do not be afraid of the mini briefs with spicy shades, or the Brazilian triangle enhanced with prints and bright colors: these small pieces of fabric will immediately feminize the look.  

And of course, be extremely vigilant about the material: unless you stay at the water’s edge, avoid the 100% cotton which may relax when wet and reveal more your lack of form. Instead, rely on a blend of polyamide and elastane. And smile in the sun. 

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